Wall Clocks - Not Just For Telling The Time

Complete your room décor with the addition of a decorative wall clock. A decorative clock is a very useful design element that will quickly and easily provide a focal point and add texture, colour and art to a room. A feature wall clock is both stylish and practical.

A room without a wall clock is simply not as functional as it could be. And statement wall clocks are a smart way to transform otherwise empty wall space in the home. As indoor wall clocks come in so many styles and models, we have complied some hints and tips on how to select they perfect wall mounted clock for your home.

Wall Clocks, Wall Clocks... Wall Clocks Galore

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There are different things to take into consideration when selecting a home wall clock. For example, the different functionality of a kitchen or a living room wall clock.

The addition of a large wall clock for the kitchen will bring character to the room, help with cooking timings and getting the kids out to school on time. Whilst a large wall clock for the living room will effortlessly add a stylish focal point and bring the room to life.

Feature clocks are a great addition to any room in the house. Just remember however that a ticking clock may be quite annoying in the bedroom. Don’t forget to measure the wall space and ensure that the wall can support a heavy clock. If not, there are plenty of lighter options to choose from.

Wall Clocks Can Look Great In Every Part Of Your Home

What size and where to place your clock? Well, the placement will ordinarily determine the size. In the kitchen where functionality is key, I would recommend that to be readable, go for a large decorative wall clock, as large as the space allows and hang your large kitchenwall clock where it where it can be seen instantly.

Think of that extra large decorative wall clock on James Martin’s Saturday morning kitchen programme. His centrepiece oversized skeleton clock has, I’m sure launched a thousand kitchen makeovers!

These oversized clocks are very popular and help to create an industrial look. Its best to stick to a relatively simple minimalist style when going big so as not to be too overpowering in the space.

If you are selecting decorative wall clocks for the living room, the key element to consider is design, as in the living room telling the time is not necessarily the main purpose of your living room clock.

Feel free to choose something more artistic than functional, however when choosing a feature clock there are still a few things to consider. Again, placement and size are important considerations. The ideal spot is over a mantel or on the largest wall.

A decorative clock is not a design statement that will be overlooked as people are naturally drawn to checking the time. The movement of the arms will instantly draw attention to itself. The motion of their hands sets clocks apart from an artwork piece. Kinetic artwork is an attention stealer! So it’s extra important to consider how its size and placement will affect the overall look and feel of the room.

For the living room think unusual wall clocks and unique wall clocks. Because when telling the time is no longer their main purpose the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative clock designs. Use your clock to make a statement of sophistication or to blend with the décor of the room.

A neat way to do this is to install an open work clock such as a wirework wall clock that allows the colour of the walls or wallpaper to show through making it an integral part of the scheme. Our clocks come in various shapes, styles, colours and sizes. If your room is already colourful then a neutral clock may work best whereas a neutral room will benefit from a large colourful or statement piece.

Spohistication And Practicality

A mirror wall clock will not only add glamour but also throw light back into to room and create the illusion of space. Roman numeral clocks aren’t just for vintage clocks, the design possibilities of roman numerals numbers instantly add a more decorative look. Take you time to choose a clock for the living room wall, keep in mind it will be a reflection of your personality and denote your style.

So, just as if you were selecting a painting for your home think how to match it with the interior design of the room whilst adding character and texture to the space. With so many styles to choose from , you don’t have to simply stick to a traditional wall clock for a traditional room or a modern wall clock for a modern room.

If your taste is modern glamour then how about a silver or grey wall clock. A wooden piece would sit well within a classic contemporary or scandi look. Choose a retro wall clock to fit in with mid century style or a minimalist design would sit well in within a pared back look.

Make A Statement

A fun statement decorating idea is to install a wall of clocks. If doing so, then its important to keep the visual weight of each side balanced and to centre the display on the wall. Go with a theme and keep them all a certain style, for example all vintage style clocks or all classical style clocks and incorporate a variety of different shapes and sizes into the mix.

Or, if that seems to be just too many clocks for your liking then you could start your gallery wall with a large round clock and make a collage around it incorporating other decorative items and pictures to help to tell a story.

Choose items that inspire you, make you happy or bring back memories such as old photographs or your children’s drawings.

Whatever you choose, from a quirky wall clock to an elegant bedroom clock or decide to go with a whole wall of clocks, our designer clocks will help to make sure you are always on time.