Cushions are an item of everyday luxury that can completely transform your décor and bring the whole room together. They are the finishing touch that complete a room. When looking to update your room take inspiration from the other elements in the room – a rug, painting, ornaments.
If you have a bookshelf you could even pick up on the colours from the spines your books. In this way you can mix seemingly random colours and they will all work together. Plum cushions with orange cushions and yellow cushions with pink, or lemon and grey.

Style Your Room With Our Wonderful Cushions Collection

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Styling with cushions is easy. Here are a few tips to mix and match and add instant luxury. When selecting cushions, think colour, texture, pattern, shape and contrast.
For a streamlined look start with a neutral base perhaps some cream cushions in various heavy textures with pops of colour in the detail or pattern to add interest to the mix.

For an easy update simply rearrange your existing cushions and add a couple of new statement items into the mix. Simply pick a patterned items that coordinates with the colours you already have.

Dare to go bold. If you have a neutral grey colour scheme throw some patterned teal and ochre cushions on the sofas and you will inject depth into the space. Or go monochrome - grey living room cushions interspersed with black add drama.

Metallics make for an edgy look. Our moonstruck black and gold metallic cushion is a great example. A flash of silver metallic adds interest to the pastel cushion, Saturn sky.

As always in styling, layering is the key and when you buy cushions online keep in mind the texture as layering textures keeps the look cosy and modern. Mix up velvet with fluffy cushions for a different living room look. Throw in a couple of fringed cushions and fill out with plain cushions.

Cushions With Covers Of All Styles & Sizes

Vary the styles, shape and size mix large cushions with small and rectangular cushions. For example a rectangular product in front of two square cushions creates balance on the sofa.
When thinking colour, mix and match colours. Grey and yellow cushions are a great combination. Other great colour combinations are navy and cream cushions, teal and black cushions and teal and copper cushions.

We have items to match in with all our collections. Botanical cushions, glamorous cushion, Luxe cushions. You can easily add various looks to your décor with cushions. Go on safari with animal inspired cushions such as our Zebra cushions or Tigerlily green ochre cushion inspired by cheetah markings.

Scatter Cushions For Sofas and Beds

Or choose tropical cushions to warm up a cold winter with wild flora feather filled soft velvet cushions. Inject a sense of fun and brighten up your room with our Tonola hex brightly coloured cushion, and Op art rectangular cushion. These retro style products along with Turner blue ochre cushion and Turner rust navy cushions will transport you back to the 70’s. Add in some throws for the complete look.

Decorative pillows will transform a bedroom. Gold bed cushions with contrasting furry throw will add instant glamour and comfort to the bedroom. Get the look with our Ariel gold cushion and Hepburn navy throw. Another glamourous colour combination is silver, with blues and greys. Oksana blue grey cushion with Hepburn silver soft fur throw work beautifully together.

Note: When looking to buy cushions online it’s important to check the size of the cushions and check whether they come complete with cushion pads. For softness and comfort opt for feather filled pads.