Low Ceiling Lighting

Don’t worry, a low ceiling doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous ceiling light Our in-house design Studio Rocke have created statement lighting designed for low ceilings and what’s more you can customise them with your own choice of fabrics to make your own bespoke light fittings.

Low Ceiling Lighting Options For Every Room

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If you have a low ceiling height in your home – something around 2.4 metres would be usual – you need to take care about the height of your ceiling light. Our experts say that you should leave around 2 metres of space underneath your light to permit easy movement of even the tallest in your family.
So by this rule of thumb if your ceiling is a standard lower type you should look for items with less than 45cm height. Our bespoke shades come in lots of combinations; team a large shallow drum with a Pathos short suspension rod to really make a dramatic statement.
Dimmable LED bulbs will allow you to vary the output to suit your needs. Insider tip! If you are installing over a dining table or kitchen island with a low ceiling you can consider something with more drop – think about hanging something pendant there for maximum decorative effect.

The vast majority of contemporary build houses have lower ceiling heights than traditional builds at around 2.4m. When selecting ceiling lighting for low ceilings it is vital to take into account the height of your ceiling, for example a semi flush light fitting no deeper than approximately 38cm would work best here.

Often the chain or flex on a light fitment can be shortened however sometimes the body of the light itself may be too deep for a low ceiling. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of any light fitting for your ceiling please contact us for advice, we are happy to help.

Lighting Ideas For Low Ceilings? Talk To Our Experts

We have many low ceiling lighting ideas and unusual flush ceiling lights. We are confident you can find the best lights for low ceilings on our website as we not only source the best ceiling lights for low ceilings but also design and make our own lamp shades for low ceilings and low ceiling light fixtures with bespoke lampshades.

These options give you an unlimited choice of fabrics to select from. Low ceiling lamp shades are a great choice and we have created a range of statement lampshades especially for low ceilinged rooms. Examples of these are our semi flush pendant shades with anthology lining.

With an overall height of just 32cm and width up to 70cm these make for a real statement light in a large room with a low ceiling. If you are looking for a large pendant chandelier for a living room with a low ceiling, how about out Hallburn 8 light semi-flush chandelier. This simple elegant chandelier comes in a variety of metallic finishes and lampshades.

We also have chandeliers incorporated into our lampshades. Our Lucerne cut glass flush chandelier is the star of our luxury flush ceiling lights offering and comes in various fabrics which can also be customised. This chandelier also comes as a pendant light.

Pair together in a dining living room where you could position the flush fitting in the living area and the pendant chandelier over the dining table.

For very low ceiling a flush mount light would be a good choice. We have an extensive range of flush lights and if you are looking for high light output LED flush light fittings are hard to beat.

These modern low profile lights give maximum light output from a small size. A perfect example of this is Halo 28watt flush LED. This minimalist, modern flush light would be a great choice for a dark hallway with low ceilings.

There are myriads of styles of short ceiling lights. Semi flush ceiling lights for every room of the house. Low ceiling kitchen lights for example Ascent antique brass. Hang 3 of these small antique brass semi flush lights in a row over an island. This is also a great choice for cottage style lighting and if looking for semi flush traditional ceiling lights.

Low Ceiling Lights For The Perfect Ambience

Looking for modern lighting for low ceilings? Try our Moonlight 3 light semi flush fitting in mocha. This retro style pendant light is a great update on 50’s style. It is also a perfect choice when looking for lighting for living rooms with low ceilings.

When selecting bedroom lighting you could omit a central light and instead go for two pendants lights either side of the bed, instead of or complementing table lamps..

Don’t forget the importance of layering light when considering your overall lighting scheme. Uplighting is a great way to make the appearance of low ceilings seem higher.

You should also use wall lights and floor lamps that direct light up towards the ceilings as this will give the room a heightened appearance. And finally, our top tip - Make use of a large mirror as the reflected light will give the illusion of more space.