Table Lamps

Placing a few carefully selected table lamps around your room can really maximise your styling.  We are often asked to identify lamp suitable for a certain space – the good news is there are no rules!  If it compliments, matches or provides a counterpoint to your decoration it’s correct.  Our hand crafted Rocke shades are perfect to tie everything together.  Add an informal linen shade to your ceramic base, or a glamourous satin one to your glass base.  We all love this aspect of our work, so ask us for ideas.
Use a high-output LED bulb in your table lamp to really boost the level of light in your room.
Some table lamps come complete with a shade, they usually have a more neutral colour of shade. If that shade doesn’t suit, but the base is perfect?  Insider Tip!  These ‘complete with shade’ table lamps are usually great value – upgrade to a bespoke shade to make it unique to you.