Beautiful Table Lamps For Every Room And Hallway

Placing a few carefully selected table lamps around your room can really maximise your styling. We are often asked to identify lamps suitable for a certain space – the good news is there are no rules! If it compliments, matches or provides a counterpoint to your decoration it’s correct. For the living room, bedside table lamps, desk lamps, or your hallway, we have the range and expertise to help you find just the perfect item.
Our hand crafted Rocke shades are perfect to tie everything together. Add an informal linen fabric shade to your ceramic base, or a glamorous satin one to your glass base. We all love this aspect of our work, so ask us for ideas. Use a high-output LED bulb in your table lamp to really boost the level of light in your room.
Some pieces come complete with a shade, they usually have a more neutral colour of shade. If that shade doesn’t suit, but the base is perfect? Insider Tip! These ‘complete with shade’ table lamps are usually great value – upgrade to a bespoke shade to make it unique to you.

Inspiring And Remarkable Table Lamps

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When decorating your home, its the details that end up making the biggest difference. Whilst the style, theme and colour of a room are major considerations, the ultimate mood setter is the lighting.

Good lighting helps to create the perfect ambience and just because we would say that, wouldn’t we? Doesn’t make it any the less true! Its amazing how a seemingly simple change of a table lamp or simply change the lampshade on your favourite brass table lamp can completely change the look and atmosphere of a room.

However, when browsing table lamps online you will be met with an overwhelming choice. Big, small and all shapes and sizes in between… how to choose?

Lamps Suitable For Any Table, Any Room

We like to think we are the natural home of statement table lamps. We have a range of table lamps, from our house brand, Rocke - exclusive items that we pair with our handcrafted Rocke lampshades designed and made here in the UK. If you find the perfect lamp you like but want a different fabric on the shade we can simply make it for you or vice versa find a shade you love on our site, be it table lamp shade, floor lamp or pendant lamp shade and we can suggest the perfect table lamp for that fabric.

We also supply a vast array of curated table lamps to suit any style…. contemporary table lamps with eye-catching design, designer table lamps, Scandi, industrial table lamps, country style, traditional and the perennial Tiffany table lamps. These stained-glass table lamps, the shades crafted from many pieces of coloured glass fused together to create a jewel like effect have stood the test of time.

For quirky choices look no further than our animal table lamps, rabbit, hare, monkey table lamps and Can Can Flamingo brass table lamp with fluffy rainbow lampshade leads our flock of flamingo table lamps. We have a whole host of Wild Things here at Cotterell & Co. From Tilly, everyones favourite Toucan, to our range of hoppy friends and of course, Dexter and Dana, our loveable Dachshund lamps.

Imaginative Lighting Design Options For Your Home

A great way to bring symmetry to a room is to install a pair of stylish lamps on a large console table or on lamp tables either side of a fireplace. When positioning on a console table it can often be useful to pick a table lamp with an oval shade as this will sit more easily on the table.

For classic contemporary styling our range of hotel-esque Fitzroy table lamps suit a variety of complimentary lampshades or our statement, handpainted Kiri table lamps pair beautifully on a larger console. Similarly, when decorating a hall a lovely choice is a pair of lamps on a console table perhaps with a mirror which will amplify the light and make the hall appear wider. An elegant, statue-esque choice for hallway table lamps would be our Shaman table lamps with a shade of your choosing.

A great way to add pops of colour and interest into your interior is through colourful table lamps. Keep the room neutral and you can add whatever colour you want through the lighting and coordinate with a cushion or two. Some lovely colourful examples are – Bluebird Blue table lamp, Nomad Blue Glass Table Lamp, Humbug Black and White Stripe table lamp with a Fuchsia Pink Shade. Be bold with Chinese Dragon Table Lamp, Green Table Lamp with Racer Green Ikat Shade or Green Cut Glass Table Lamp with Timourous Beasties Shade .

Lighting That Is Functional, Beautiful And The Right Price

We would always recommend a tall bedside lamp especially if you want to read by it otherwise the light source will be too low down and a large bedside lamp will define the bed and help to frame it.

And as ever we would advise - don’t be afraid to go big! An oversized table lamp such as the designer table lamp by David Hunt, David Hunt Evora Volcanic Table Lamp , you can change the shade or add drama as a pair.

An extra tall table lamp can make a real design statement in the room and probably be more useful as a centre light is not used too often a bedroom where gentle illumination is usually required.

There are more than 50 shades of grey bedroom light and they are not only for the bedroom. Grey strikes a sophisticated neutral note. Contemporary classical table lamp Igor grey stingray patterned table lamp with coordinating shade or Grey Ombre Glass or Aura brushed steel table lamp with Kotomi silver rectangular lampshade would suit a glamorous décor, while for a more rustic casual interior select Dambula White Wash Wooden Table Lamp and for quirky and fun table lamps choose Harvey Hare Antique silver table lamp and fluffy grey shade or his little brother, Hopper silver table lamp with grey velvet shade. We even have a grey touch table lamp Piccadilly.

The choice is endless and just have fun with your table lamps and we are always on hand to help you to select. From modern table lamps to retro styles, enjoy your online shopping experience, browsing our extensive range of products. And don't forget the light bulbs - we have a wide range of styles and strengths.