Wall Art & Decorations

We believe art should be a crucial component in the decorating process. Indeed, it can often be the first step and provides a great starting point. When thinking about a scheme you can take your inspiration from the colours in a painting to decorate the whole room. Or if you add your home wall décor at the end of the process you can match or contrast your decorative home wall art with the other elements in the room.

Wall Art For Every Room In Your Home

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Either way it will add instant personality and life to any design scheme. It is hard to beat wall canvas décor and we have an eclectic selection of framed canvas art to select from. Our abstract wall art canvas’ are available in a range of colourways to suit different colour schemes. Think of your walls as blank canvases to create the atmosphere you desire.

When looking for artwork for wall remember, home wall art isn’t all about wall paintings, there are many different types of art for walls. Canvas paintings, wall sculpture, wall panels, wall stickers. If you don’t want one statement artwork to dominate the room or you have a large space to fill then creating a gallery wall will create an immense impact of wall décor and art.

You could include different types of decorative wall art. Play with size and scale of your collection of wall decorations and vary the styles and subject matter to create an exciting, eclectic mix of wall decoration. A useful idea is to stick to a theme. One particular colour palette perhaps, keep all the frames the same or make the very idea of no theme the theme. The choice is yours and all part of the fun.

Go bold with your wall decorations and layer your artworks to combine materials, metal wall art pieces, canvas prints, wall art ornaments and sculptural wall art pieces. Gallery walls are also very effective in hallways and on the walls going upstairs. Combining materials and finishes is key so that your wall décor tells a layered story. The right wallpaper can be a most effective starting point.

Add wall art to any room in the house. Think living room wall art or pieces for bedrooms and bathroom. There is no room too small or humble that wouldn’t benefit from a lovely piece of wall décor and art.

It doesn’t all have to be serious, have fun with it! Perhaps hang a fabric stuffed animal head in the downstairs loo or how about a piece of wooden décor. For example hang a rustic wooden message plaque in the kitchen, or a fabulous print next to your stairs.

Wall furnishings come in many different shapes and sizes. Large wall ornaments can make a bold statement. A large painted iron disc wall piece over a mantle works well to add interest and create a focal point.

Another good idea to hang in the space above a fireplace instead of a mirror is a decorative mirrored piece. This will also reflect light around the room and open up the space. Amongst the many different types of quality artwork for walls that we feature, you will find affordable wall decorations such as framed prints to framed canvas art pieces.

Wall Decorations Unique As Your Inspiration

Whatever you choose, abstract, animal prints, large framed prints or home décor wall hangings, think of its purpose in bringing elements of the room together. Or you could simply choose to bring the outside in with a lovely piece of botanical wall art or floral paintings.

You can reference a variety styles or trends by adding home wall décor peices. Reference 50’s style with a metal retro geometric panel or add an ethnic vibe with an antique gold filigree wall disc. Or glam it up with a pair of angel wings wall art – perfect for the dressing room.