Floor Lamps

Height matters! Try adding a floor lamp the rooms in your home. Alongside your table lamps, having something taller will bring variation to the space. Lighting all at one level can result in a ‘flat’ feeling, so use a simple stem with a dramatic bespoke shade which differs to your table lamps.
Make a statement - choose a really striking base AND a really beautiful shade. Maybe you have a window where you have an occasional chair. Use a floor lamp beside that, leaving the table free for a plant, ornament …….and your cuppa. Create the ambience you desire.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Floor Lamp

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When looking into floor lamp lighting and doing your research to buy a standard lamp there are a number of things to consider – for example when choosing an item for the living room what is the function of this standing floor lamp? Is it to be a tall reading lamp or an uplighter standing lamp? What is your price range? What mood are you wishing to create? What décor is currently in the room?

These perform very different functions the uplighter is generally a long floor lamp with a very bright LED lamp in the bowl at the top that will illuminate the room with light bouncing off the ceiling, bringing light to a dark corner and generally upping the light lumens in the room.

Conversely if you choose a tall reading light it will perform a different function it will probably be a floor spot lamp like our black metal twin floor lamp. This large floor standing lamp has two adjustable heads and will throw pools of light where you aim them and will not give as much light but create interesting areas of light.

If you like that look then a similar but smaller pedestal lamp to choose could be our free standing black and antique copper task floor lamp with its angled adjustable head to read by.

Styles Of Floor Lamps

There are so many different styles of standing floor lamps to choose from, with a price point to suit every pocket. Statement floor lamps, ambient and task floor lights. We have a great selection of modern pieces such as the Cody antique brass floor lamp with exposed vintage bulb.

A popular statement floor standing lamp are tall tripod floor lamps such as our polished chrome tripod standing lamp this slim item can be paired with any of our lampshades. Another popular style is a film light tripod floor lamp. And for a statement large floor standing lamp with that quirky edge David Hunt antler floor lamp complete with shade or our statement classic contemporary madison lacquered brass floor lamp.

Not all floor lamps are tall, a small floor lamp can be enough especially in a low ceilinged room or if you just want lighting where there is no table. A lovely example is our grey wood floor lamp lantern which looks stunning placed beside a fireplace or in an entrance hall.

However if traditional standard floor lights are your thing also we have plenty of choice. Our Grey & White Wash Mango Wood Floor Lamp is a large mango wood floor lamp, robust and classic in shape, paired with a shade of your choosing to compliment the room. For a simpler traditional look that is functional, we have tall standing lamps in a variety of finishes, for example our Belford Antique Brass Floor Lamp

We Have An Extensive Range Of Floor Lamps

We have some great floor lamps online to choose from if your are looking for something quirky, and you don’t get much quirkier than white standing monkey floor lamp from Seletti. He would look great standing beside a fireplace or illuminating a dark corner in your home.

Another fun product is our oversized angle poised floor lamp white painted oversized task lamp – great for feeling like Alice in Wonderland!

People often think in terms of a stand alone floor lamp in the room, however a pair of standing floor lamps either side of a fireplace or two task floor lamps at either end of a sofa such as our white glass and gold floor lamp which will give ambient and task lighting.

For a more traditional look the Stratford floor lamp from David Hunt a lovely antique brass swing arm floor lamp base only to which you can add whatever lampshade you like.

Or why not have a pair of floor standing bedside lamps, however keep in mind that a standing lamp for the living room will fulfil a different function to a bedside standing light.

If choosing a bedroom floor lamp you don’t have to sacrifice a bedside table if you use a pair of our large dark wash wood floor standing lamps with the addition of a table withing the design of this tall floor standing lamp. This is also so useful beside a couch or armchair to read by with a little glass of something.

Insider Tip! Got an awkward corner? Use an oval shape Rocke shade to minimise the footprint of the lamp.