Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

When it comes to selecting a big mirror for the wall there is no shortage of beautiful wall mirrors to choose from. Traditional mirrors or contemporary mirrors, a round overmantel mirror or a large square mirror - there are so many shapes to choose from.

Which to choose and why? The decorative mirror you choose will reflect not just the light but also your style and the look you are trying to evoke in the space. A statement mirror can be a piece of mirrored wall art aside from any practical purpose it may serve. A brass full length wall mirror will instantly add glamour and an oak framed piece will impart a more casual vibe. A big wall mirror isn’t all about practicality, a feature wall item will add instant wow factor to any room. If you are looking to buy a wall mirror we have plenty of large statement mirrors to select from and each with their own individual style.

Mirrors For Every Part Of Your Home

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The practical uses of big mirrors for walls are many. The main benefit is of course the light they reflect. Large mirrors placed opposite a window will reflect the most light back into the room. It will harness any daylight available, effectively doubling up the light source. In this regard size matters! So, when thinking living room mirrors, the bigger the better. Used in this way a large wall mounted mirror for a living room wall will also magically bring the outside natural light in. It will reflect not just the light but also whatever is outside the window. So do keep in mind what will be reflected as whatever is opposite will be seen twice.

Small spaces benefit enormously from the practical benefits of adding a mirror as the illusion of space will be instantly doubled. Hallway mirrors are especially effective in this regard. Making a narrow hallway appear wider and brighter and add a welcoming touch. Position a large round item over a console table topped with a pair of table lamps.

As mirrors double up the light source, the illumination from the lamps will be doubled. A small hallway could also benefit from a gallery wall of mirrors, or a full length mirror. Mix up small pieces, with framed mirrors and antique mirrors to create an eclectic mirror wall.

Finding The Ideal Bedroom Mirrors

For elegant bedroom mirrors think cheval mirrors, full length brass mirrors and perhaps a big square item for over the dressing table. However, if you are following feng shui you may want to keep the mirror behind you. If so a feature mirror above the bed perhaps a starbust style product or perhaps a set of four square mirrored panels. Another nice idea for the bedroom is to place a pair of long mirrors vertically either side of the bed to create a pleasing symmetry, and harmony. They will also reflect the light from bedside lamps. Full length free standing pieces can be moved around as your mood or practicality dictates.

If your dining table faces a wall a good idea is to hang a long horizontal piece or mirrored panels. This will give anyone seated opposite the wall the interest of the reflected interior to look at. This will also serve to boost the atmosphere in the entertaining space.

Mirrors are a necessity in a bathroom but that doesn’t mean bathroom mirrors have to lack style. in fact you can have such fun with bathroom mirror ideas, they make a great furnishing statement and focal point. Select a show stopping piece and pair it with wall lights to up the wow factor in your bathroom.

And finally a great tip for a room without a window, for example an internal kitchen or bathroom. Hang a mirror that creates the illusion of a window. Choose one that echoes the look of a window with separated panes such as a black metal pane mirror to achieve this look.