Throws are the perfect item to bring cosiness and warmth to an interior. Throws come in a huge choice of styles, colours and shapes. A throw can be simply decorative or functional and are also a great gifting option. 

A colourful throw can add a touch of warmth to any room and just draping a throw across a favourite chair or sofa can give a look of homely comfort and style.

If you have children a well positioned throw can cover a nice piece of furniture and is much easier to clean than a sofa or chair, this is true also of pets and it is a common practice to put a throw on a chair where the family cat or dog likes to curl up. 

A throw across the back of a chair is in easy reach for those nights when the air turns a little colder and can be easily draped across shoulders knees or feet to give some extra warmth.

Decorative throws can also be used as wall hangings or even to cover windows and doors. In fact a throw is an extremely versatile addition to your home whether you use solely for decorative purposes or to give warmth or protection to your furniture.