Console Tables & Sideboards

Was there ever a more useful piece of furniture than the console table? This perennial piece is a useful addition to any room of the house, from living room to bedroom. Console furniture is an essential piece of accent furnishing. It will add useful storage space to even the smallest of spaces.

Hallway Console Tables For The Perfect Entrance

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Every house needs a table in the hallway and a console table for the hallway is a perfect solution. Hall and console tables go together. However, hallway tables are so much more than a useful place to store your keys.
A decorated hall table greets you guests with an insight into your style and adds a lovely, homely feel. There is so much furniture to choose from. Our console tables range from minimalist to glamourous, wooden hall tables to mirrored consoles, so it’s easy to find an item for the hallway to reflect your style.
Create a warm welcome to your home with a hallway table and a mirror positioned above it, along with a table lamp. This will also add reflected light to the space.
When selecting a hallway console table keep a few things in mind. Do you need one with storage or are you looking for a statement entrance table? If the hallway is very narrow you will need to look out for a small console table. We have extra narrow console tables perfect for new builds where the space may be limited.
There is no need to compromise on style even when choosing a hallway entrance table for the smallest spaces. A good example is our Data console table with a depth of only 25cm. A modern console table with minimalist sleek lines, this faux marble topped product is a perfect hall table console.

Console Tables Can Offer A Storage Solution

A storage console table is an essential element in a dining room for both accent and task. Store napkins and accessories in the drawers and place dinnerware on the shelf and a decorative terrine on top. A great example is our classical contemporary Dove grey dresser. This mirrored console could be described as a traditional piece brought up to date with a dove grey painted finish.
A lounge console table is perfect to position in the space where once the fireplace would have occupied. This could be an awkward place to decorate but you can create a stunning feature where the mantel would have been.
Simply place a statement console table where the mantel would have been and place a large mirror or painting above it, then decorate the table top with books, vases, plants, treasured objects and you will create an artful focal point for the room. Use a large wide item there will be room to position a pair of table lamps making a pleasing symmetry and bringing accent lighting to the area.

Your Home, Your Table, Your Way

Another nice idea for large living room is to place a console table behind a sofa. It will keep the sofa just away from the wall and you can position lamps on the console, useful to read by and framing the sofa. If your sofa is in the centre of the living room a console table placed behind the sofa can also help to mark out the area and anchor the sofa in the space. Perhaps most useful of all is to utilize a console table as the ubiquitous at home entertaining accessory - a bar cart.
Choose a console table with a shelf so that you can place glasses and bottles on the top and have more storage below for additional bar accessories. An eclectic example is our Tribal mango wood console table or go with the soft industrial look of our Concrete effect console table.
If like us you are looking for a casual space saving desk idea, then a piece with drawers is the ideal solution. The compact design of a console is ideal where space is an issue. A great example of a console desk is our natural and white wood 3 drawer desk console.
Bedrooms in contemporary builds can sometimes be a bit tight leaving no space for a traditional dressing table. In this case a piece with its narrower proportions can work perfectly to add style and function.
A lovely on trend bedroom product would be our Sheesham wood console table or cool brown acacia wood with marble top console table with handy drawers. And finally add a touch of luxury with a deco style, our smoked grey mirrored glass console table with metal legs will add loads of glamour.