Inspired by Summer 2020 Staycations

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This year we have seen an influx of relaxed style notes with a decidedly coastal influence, perfect for refreshing our homes.  Here’s our take on Coastal, initially inspired by photographs taken on coastal walks by our lighting specifier Ruth on one of her trips around the beautiful Scottish coastline.

We have been working hard in our design studio, coming up with many different shade combinations to add to your Coastal Collection. The first being our Kilbride Bay Wallpaper Shade.

 As soon as Ruth our Glasgow manager saw it, here's what she had to say: 'The natural and organic lines of this shade remind me of my latest trip to The Kyles of Bute... the receding tide left these wonderful patterns on the honey coloured sand.' Lined with Anthology Vitruvius Wallpaper, its beaded crackle draws out the detail of this luxurious stripe wallpaper which resembles a cross section of marble, showing the layers and textures within. Undulating painterly stripes flow across the paper, adding a luxurious textural detail to this eye-catching bespoke shade which captures the natural forms and their interaction with man. this creation set the scene for our Coastal Collection.

Along with the Kilbride Shade, we came up with Otter Ferry. This shade has a less defined look compared to the Kilbride Shade. Elegant and the perfect statement piece for your room. The natural and organic lines of this shade remind us of the receding tide that makes these wonderful patterns on the honey coloured sand.

 Both of these shades would look amazing in any space, bringing a sense of peace and tranquillity. It shows you how you can take inspiration from just about anywhere and turn it into design. This year, many people haven't travelled abroad for their vacation, opting instead for a  “Staycation”. We are all traveling around, discovering and rediscovering the beauty of the Scottish scenery and beaches. It just shows that you don’t need to travel abroad to find a white sandy beach with crystal clear water.

 Our most recent creation, a personal favourite of mine is Sango Bay.  Inspired by a trip our Creative Director Lorraine took to the north of Scotland. This is what Lorraine had to say about her staycation.

‘On holiday in the far, far north of Scotland we stumbled upon spectacular Sango Bay.  It had been raining but as we clambered down to beach the sun came out and this beautiful vista opened up before us.  The stunning white sand gives the water a beautiful ethereal quality.  The waves rolling in were swirling around the rocks in a marbling pattern glistening in the sunlight and the endless sky reflected off the water.  Perfect inspiration for new pendant shades to add to our coastal collection.  On my return I worked with our Rocke design studio to recreate the feeling of that day, and our Sango Bay shades were created.  The wallcovering inner has reflective gold touches which glisten when lit and the outer fabric of Aquilo Opal, is reminiscent of the white shimmering sand of the bay, whilst Wild Dove, the  outer chosen for another lampshade in this range depicts the beauty of Sango Bay under a moodier sky.’

Check out our Coastal Collection on our website to see these shades as well as products that sit beautifully in a coastal scheme. For a closer look come into our stores to view these stunning pieces. We have also made a Coastal mood board to jump start the process of pulling together a design scheme.  If you would like to inject a little coastal vibe into your home please contact us and we can work with you to create a bespoke look.

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