How Colour Affects Our Emotions

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Right now we all need to spice up our homes and add some colour to our lives. It can be difficult sometimes to choose colour schemes that will help to bring happiness to your home. Colours are closely linked to emotions. Bright colours can create different feeing’s than more neutral and muted colours. This is the same as Warm colours and Cold colours. It all depends on how the psychological effects of colour are being used.

Colours can make us feel happy or sad, they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. These reactions are rooted in psychological effects, biological conditioning and cultural imprinting.  The study of how we respond to certain colours and the way that colours affect our emotions, also known as colour psychology, has been scientifically proven to affect the way we feel.

Since we are spending more time at home, it only seems right to make sure the colours we are choosing to redecorate with are colour schemes that will make us happy. We need a space to unwind and retreat to at the end of day. Our homes have become our living spaces, offices, schools, gyms and everything in between. This type of lifestyle has impacted the way people feel in their homes. This making it the perfect time to redecorate with the perfect colours to make you happy.

 It’s important that you understand how you want to feel in each room. For example, relaxed in the bathroom, cozy in Livingroom and motivated in your office. The magic of colours creating emotions is not only one colour will make you feel just one emotion, but it also all comes from a colour palette. A selection of colours that harmonise together to create a mood in a space.

To create a calming interior, pale pastels are a great colour palette. It is the perfect group of colours to bring a sense of calm to your home and space.

To create a pastel palette, you could start with using colours from the primary and secondary scale but then making them softer, lighter and just not as harsh. These smoothing tones introduce calm and serenity.

This colour palette is more suited for areas where you are looking to relax and feel calm. It is best used in areas like your bedroom, to help you feel relaxed and making it easier for you to sleep. Would also work well in a bathroom, to help create a chilled atmosphere for when you are looking to relax in the bathtub.

Incorporate these colours into your home effortlessly with any pastel colour from our Little Greene paint, or why not take a look through our ‘blush’ collection. Filled with soft sophisticated colours perfect for your home.

Create energy and motivate yourself with happy colours throughout your space. We did a photoshoot using energising sunshine yellow and a bold strong green. The bright colour of the yellow helps to remind us of the feeling of joy you experience when you see the sun shining on a bright summer’s day. Having this colour throughout your home can help us to feel more positive about the days ahead. This type of colour scheme is perfect for rooms where you may start your day. Fabulous in a kitchen or a breakfast area.


It can be very easy to add bursts of colour to your home using pieces of artwork, cushions and why not a bespoke rocke shade? The bright yellow has also been chosen as one of this year’s pantone colour of the year. You will be adding bright colours to help enhance your mood as well as getting on trend with the colour of the year.

Lastly, we shall cover how to make a space help you feel focused and giving you deeper productivity. The perfect way to create this is through earthy tones inspired from outdoors. The perfect palette of moss greens, deep rust oranges and burnt reds.


This colour scheme is perfect for rooms in your house, such as your office. Since so many of us are working from home now, we should take the time to add some colours that may help productivity while working from home. Green has many calming qualities but using deeper tones of this shade can help you to focus. This with the deep reds and rust oranges can help to add warmer touches to create a cosy environment. You want your office to be inviting so that you want you spend your day and time in there.

Sometimes all you need is a cushion to add a pop of colour to your sofa, to switch up a plain neutral shade to one of our bespoke rocke shades or add some texture with a piece of artwork. We are still here able to offer advice and help if you are looking to inject some colour. We have interior designers working around the clock helping clients to create their perfect design schemes. Why not drop us a email if we have inspired you to let the colours in your home, affect your mood.

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