Cotterell & Co’s Guide to Brighten up your Home!

Posted by Jenna Smellie on

Do you feel like your home might be feeling a bit bare? Or maybe you are a big lover of grey tones but are starting to feel like you need to add some splashes of colour. We have got you covered here at Cotterell & Co. One thing we take great pride in, is understanding the balance between decoration, textures and colour. Colour is an excellent way to revamp a room without needing to completely change your theme or current design. However, when done incorrectly, you can actually cause your current design to look less cohesive. We have put together a guide on how to add a mixture of Colour, Pattern and Texture to your scheme using Artwork, Shades, Cushions and much more.


We did a small lifestyle photoshoot using tones of yellow, gold and green, pulling together a mixture of textures. From the leaf pattern on the green vase to the rough texture of the canvas to the soft velvet of the chair, this photoshoot definitely shows that a mixture of textures adds interest and design to a scheme. The texture of each element in your room will be taken into consideration by anyone who enters your living space. Height is something to always consider when making changes to your scheme. We balanced out the height of the lamp with the green vase and some faux stems and berries. We then added the green cushions to add some blocks of colour. Although you may think everything is your home should be soft, fluffy and cosy, something that goes against the grain can add depth to your overall interior. Mix it up with soft and rough textures. We did this with the green cushions, using a soft plain velvet mixed with the rough geometric cushion. This shows that soft and rough can work together perfectly.


Colourful artwork is another great way to bring in colour into an already situated theme. You can choose a piece of art that is colourful yet muted with the colours that you already have going on. Consider the artwork as an accessory that can help bring colour as well as distinct shapes to your living room. Instead of looking for paintings that have people or precise images, consider artwork that features a freestyle with different colours and shapes.

We have a great selection of Artwork with a wide range of colours, textured and sizes. From the abstract style to the soft marbles, these pieces of artwork are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your walls. Adding these pieces of artwork to your interiors is a fabulous way to add some extra colours or pull together a scheme. The metallic tones and gold-leaf touches seen on some of the pieces also add a glamorous luxurious tone.

Lastly another easy way to add splashes of colour and texture is by some bright and wonderful throw cushions. When choosing the fabric for cushions for your chairs, consider bright or bold colours that can cause a contrast to the colours you already have, or even consider using patterns that will bring your living room to life. Throw pillows are always an excellent way to slightly change the appearance of your home without the need of doing anything drastic. This is also a great way to add colour as you can easily swap them for different colours as well as patterns. You can even mix and match them to incorporate multiple different colours. Our selection of throw cushions varies from plain velvets to wacky textures. We even have cushions that match in with shades. Our popular Chameleon and Iguana fabric looks amazing as cushions and as a featured shade. An easy way to add a soft texture with a slight pattern while adding some extra colours.



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