2024 Trends: Japandi Fusion

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Rising to popularity last year, this interior style remains fashionable well into 2024 and we are delighted to introduce our latest trend collection for 2024: Japandi Fusion. Here we explore the source of this trend and how we can bring a little inspiration into our homes this year.
Japandi-fusion is an interior style born from the clean, simple functionality of Scandinavian design paired with the rustic love for nature that is at the core of Japanese belief. When roots of both traditional aesthetics are intertwined, the result is casual and calming with natural elements such as wood, cane, linen, bamboo and a neutral colour palette to compliment. This style favours minimalism, appreciating craftsmanship and simplicity in décor to support a meaningful lifestyle.


Japandi Interior, Architectural Digest
Image: Gentl & Hyers, Architectural Digest.
Scandi design favours comfort, warmth, and that cosy feeling known as ‘hygge’. The home should be an extension of your lifestyle. In Scandinavian style, incorporating welcoming social spaces and calm spaces is a core value. Feeling natural and approachable, this style is easy to replicate if you incorporate functionality, clean lines, neutral colours and distinct natural materials. Sometimes the simplest additions can add a touch of Hygge to any home, such as a chunky rug, woven basket and textured cushion or throw.


C&C Soft Scandi Furnishings
1. Beige Stripe Rug, 2. Pecan Cosy Throw, Coco Cream Cushion, 4. Cora Cream Cushion. (Click to View Product)


Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy originating from 16th century tea ceremonies and idolizes the simplicity of nature and the beauty in imperfections. The tea master behind the philosophy believed that the tea ceremonies were not about the tea itself, but about the atmosphere created in the tea rooms. Creating a naturally calm space is done using organic materials and bringing nature into the home, easily achieved by using a neutral colour palette of browns, greens, beige and creams like these Little Greene colours we have selected. Choosing a muted colour palette allows the textured pieces throughout your home to take centre stage, highlighting the quality of the material without bold distracting colours. These colours promote a sense of harmony and balance.


Little Greene Paints
Images: Little Greene


The two styles come together well through their similar cultural values and views on the human relationship to authentic objects. The earthy Japanese influence brings some darker elements into the typically light and airy Scandi style, grounding a space in warmth and authenticity. We have incorporated many darker, wooden pieces into this collection.
Honouring quality craftmanship is an important factor in both interior styles and here at Cotterell & Co, this is something we pride ourselves on. Our handcrafted lampshades are made within our Rocke Design studio in Newcastle and are the beating heart of our family business. With this rich history in lampshade manufacturing since the 50s, we are delighted to reinvigorate the family business with innovative techniques, new materials and to support other British businesses such as fabric manufacturers through our longstanding relationships. Here are some of our favourite pendant shades from this collection, including local Glasgow designer, Julia Clare and some of Arte’s natural woven wallcoverings.


Rocke Shades
1. Julia Clare Midnight Lagoon Ombre Pendant Shade, 2. Dove Velvet Pendant Shade with Arte Puzzle Lining, 
3. Cream Faux Silk Pendant Shade with Arte Umbrella Squid Lining.



To bring Japandi style into your own interior, consider some of the following suggestions.
Use Natural Materials 
From furniture to soft furnishings, this style favours natural materials and textiles such as wood, clay, stone, rattan, cotton and paper. You can add multiple textures in the same tone across the space for a truly warm, rustic feel.


Japandi Furniture
1. Light Brown & Black Sideboard, 2. Acacia Wood Bar Table, 3. Black Ash 2 Piece Coffee Table.


Embrace Imperfection
Items that looks weathered and full of character bring a sense of approachability and character. Reuse quality heirloom pieces of art and furniture as well as handcrafted pieces that create warmth and authenticity.
Lighten Your Walls 
Open up your space, no matter what size the room is, with light walls that allow the peace to flow. Stone and light beige colours are perfect for that earthy undertone, complimenting the natural materials and element of zen. Add wall art but keep it simple with organic shapes, geometry and texture.


Japandi Artwork
1. Natural & Black Canvas with Ovals, 2. Solo Canvas, 3. Dragoni 2 Piece Wall Art.


Minimise Clutter 
Par back your belongings to allow for a calm and free flowing space. Open plan interiors and sparse furniture arrangement allow the space for you to unwind from the stress of a busy life. Some simple, quality decorative items to include ceramic jars, teacups and books. Of course, not everyone can live without a little splash of colour, if you can’t commit to a fully neutral we would suggest adding small decorative elements with a hint of dark orange, burgundy or even a deep ochre to satisfy the colour addiction.


Japandi Decorative
1. Antique Bronze Wire Table Lamp, 2. Pampas Grass, 3. Incense Holder, 4. Storage Basket, 5. Candle Holder, 6. Belford Black Table & Floor Lamp with Raffia Shade.


Consider Your Light Sources 
Of course, lighting is our speciality, so we know a thing or two. This style leans into the natural light of a space so don’t block windows off with heavy furniture or window dressings. For artificial lighting in the space, there is a wide selection of pendant lighting in this collection the incorporates natural materials such as rattan pendants or linen shades. Bring organic shapes into your lighting and pair these with warm lightbulbs, never cool.
Japandi Pendants
1. Natural Rattan Oval Pendant, 2. Black Rattan Basket Shade, 3. Natural Rattan Cloche Pendant.


We hope our Japandi collection gives you the right framework to achieve a sense of calm in your interior – if you wish to take advantage of some expert advice through our complimentary interior design services, please get in touch.

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