2024 Trends: Is blue the colour of our dreams?

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At the start of the year we talked about Pantone’s colour of the year, Peach Fuzz, and how we thought this warm fuzzy tone would work in interiors through 2024. There is, however, another colour dominating interior trends this year and we think we love it even more.

It is no secret that fashion and interiors are deeply intertwined and after a long winter of deep merlot to ruby red on the catwalk, fresh new shades of blue have landed to cut through these heavy tones. With the likes of Stella McCartney, Fendi and Alexander McQueen all displaying varied hues of blue across their S/S 24 collections, pale blue being the tone of choice with its air of serenity and soft, youthful feel. Spring/Summer has landed like a breath of fresh air and although this is not the blue for everyone, there are many to choose from. 

Here at Cotterell & Co we love to embrace the eclectic, the bold and the bright. The colours that release dopamine and fill us with contentment. Blue hues are inherently linked with light and space and that is why we are so passionate about them. Don’t be fooled into thinking blue cools down a space, the right blue can make a space feel more open and inviting, adding warmth and atmosphere. There is a shade of blue to suit every interior, from coastal retreats doused in sky blue to period homes filled with deep navy and to modern apartments packed with exciting flashes of electric cobalt.


Click to follow link: Little Greene ‘Brighton 203’, Little Greene ‘Woad 251’, Little Greene ‘Ultra Blue 264’ 

Blues are versatile and timeless, adaptable to many styles and moods. With a historically calming nature, blue tones are ideal for the rooms we unwind in such as Prussian blue in the bedroom for a touch of luxury or the palest blue in an inviting open plan living room. With a tone that never truly goes out of style like this, you can commit within your home as much or as little as you like. Whether your approach is colour drenching, an accent wall, or the simple addition of soft furnishings (such as lampshades!), we’ve written this guide to help you use the colour in your own way. 

Start Small

Rather than rushing into splashing blue all over the interior, try to introduce it in small and simple ways initially. This is the best way to test out a new colour trend and it’s suitability within your home. Small ornaments, trinkets, artwork and softer items are the easiest way to do this. This gives you time to decide if the hue is to your taste. Here are some of our favourite smaller accent vases in blue.

Blue Fish Lidded Jar, Santorini Ceramic Lidded Jar, Blue and White Striped Jar, Jasper Tall Blue Vase, Splash Ceramic Vase     

Maximise Texture

Texture is always important to add depth and warmth to a space. To prevent a room from feeling flat, mix light and dark hues through texture. Embracing comfort is important in our homes and textures support this too whilst adding a sophisticated atmosphere. Again, you can do this by starting small and introducing some scatter cushions and throws in varying hues – we’ve added some of our top sellers and new additions below. These would compliment interiors with other textures such as boucle sofas, rattan furniture and other wooden elements.

Avianna Cloud Cushion, Storm Blue Waffle Throw, Slate Blue Cashmere Touch Throw, Geo Stack Blue Cushion, Finnegan Blue Cushion

Mix It Up

Blue is extremely versatile and mixing hues of blue is the most successful way to take advantage of this flexibility. Getting stuck on the idea of an exact colour match can flatten a space, mix it up and use multiple hues of blue throughout. By mixing tones you are creating visual interest and allowing each to speak whilst complimenting each other. Layering blues will ultimately create a richer looking space and the more contrasting they are, the more inviting the space will feel. This blend of tranquillity is key to richness within space. Here are some of our Rocke Bespoke shades made with the perfect blends of varied blues.

Azure Blue Shade with Seri Emerald, Otter Ferry Wallpaper Shade, Blue Grey Lunar Silk Shade with Julia Clare Underworld Ripples Ink Wallpaper

Take Advantage of Lighting

The size of a room is important when considering which shade of blue to use. Light blue in smaller rooms can make the space appear larger than it is, making it more appealing. The lighting in any room is another factor that has a huge impact on how large a room feels. Natural light shows the form of the room in the best way but lighting from a lamp, central light or other types of lighting can add a different hue to space to natural lighting. Always opt for warm lightbulbs when using blue in an interior, a cooler light would make blue seem colder and more harsh. Some of our favourite lamps to help create a cosy interior include:

Edlyn Blue Ceramic Reactive Glaze Lamp, Vita White & Blue Ceramic Lamp, Lagoon Kiri Table Lamp, David Hunt Botany Lamp with Timorous Beasties Shade


Of course, committing to a new lamp is a bold choice. At C&C we love to breathe new life into existing lamps through the simple addition of a fun new lampshade. If you didn’t know, our Rocke Bespoke studio hand-make custom shades to order right here in the United Kingdom. Using a wide range of fabric and inner choices, we can tailor the perfect shade to your interior. We also hold a range of off the peg shades that are ready to take away today.


Giotto Moonlight, Julia Clare Peacock Feather Ash & Blue, Berlin Teal, Scallop Ombre Pleated Shade, Lagoon Teal Satin Shade, Bow Velvet Sapphire Shade

Add more!

Once you are feeling comfortable with the little touches, add more! You can make blue feel ultra-luxe by bringing in other elements, particularly metals. Dark brass, bright gold and textured copper all pair well with hues of blue. Whether these are smaller touches such as handles and switches, or larger items such as central lights and chandeliers, these additional metals will amp up the luxurious feel whilst increasing the cosiness. A mixture of matt and shiny, old and new or hammered will always amplify the drama in a space.

Nova 8 Light Pendant, Hicks 5 Light, Orion 6 Light Pendant Bronze

Adding bigger pieces such as accent chairs, side tables and mirrors will add to the drama and warmth in any space. We have a wide selection of options to choose from so here are a few to get you started.

Set of 2 Blue Marble Side Tables, Lucca Sapphire Blue Velvet Chair, Blue Fern Glass Top Coffee Table, Caiman Antique Tray Table


If you want more advice or guidance on how to style your interior and lighting, get in touch with our team of interior designers and specifiers and take advantage of our complimentary design services. 

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