2024: Pantone Colour of the Year

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Pantone Colour of the Year Hero Image
We are always delighted to see Pantone’s Colour of the Year and watch how it is incorporated into the world of interiors. We are pleasantly surprised with 2024’s warm and inviting colour: 13-1023 Peach Fuzz
Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others, with its all-embracing warmth and velvety peach tone enriching the mind, body and soul. This colour yearns for closeness and connection, offering a tactile embrace. With a modern, radiant warmth, we expect Peach Fuzz to remain on trend all year round with a solid appearance throughout those warmer months. A youthful and timeless tone to carry us through 2024 is exactly what we needed and Pantone have delivered.
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To arrive at a Color of the Year decision, the Pantone Colour Institute takes inspiration from many influences such as film, art collections, fashions, travel as well as socio-economical issues, technologies, new materials and textures. There is a focus on the effects colour have on social media, and human nature. This year, the focus has been on warmth and comfort to awaken the senses, bringing community and belonging to all. With turmoil in many aspects of our lives, we need nurturing, empathy and compassion and dream of a peaceful future. This colour brings feelings of sanctuary and softness. So, when looking for cosy moments, let Peach Fuzz inspire you to feel warm and fuzzy.
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We are looking forward to bringing warmth to your interiors this year, using comfortable and inviting colours. Peach Fuzz means caring, tenderness and a subtle sensuality. A soft peach hue nestled somewhere between orange and pink, in a sweet and airy fashion, evoking a sense of modernity. This peach pairs beautifully with a wide range of tones from the pink and orange families, or as a standalone pop of colour in a neutral, earthy palette. There is also a resurgence in 70’s style expected in the year ahead which sees Peach Fuzz sit beautifully amongst the bright fuchsias and calming teals of the era. Our Fluffy Rainbow fabric encompasses these colours perfectly.
 C&C Fluffy Rainbow Ceiling Shade  
Many of the images produced by Pantone to support Color of the Year feature natural and textural elements, two trends we expect to see continue well into 2024. Tactile textures within interiors give a sense of place, pairing perfectly with the continuing popularity of Scandi-inspired design to give our homes the ultimate Hygge. Hygge is the Danish term that describes the quality of cosiness in a space through simple actions and has been on trend for a number of years now, showing no signs of falling out of popularity.
Inspirational Texture Images from Pantones Color of the Year 
Peach Fuzz stirs feelings of inner peace and wellbeing, making it perfect for interiors that are luxurious and soothing, soft to the touch. Peach Fuzz is suited to an array of materials, textures and surfaces. Showcased best in painted wall art, accent furniture or in patterns throughout a space. Here we have selected a few pieces of art from our store to introduce the soft nature of the Peach Fuzz tonal palette to your interior. 
4 Product Images from C&C
1. Modern Girl Picture, 2. Abstract Rose Canvas, 3. Crane in Water Picture, 4. Tristan Canvas Wall Art
Of course, our favourite way to bring colour and pattern into an interior is through our handcrafted shades, made by our Rocke bespoke design studio. Our shades can be as subtle or bold as you like, using patterned fabrics inside or out. We have many fabrics and wallpapers to choose from and would recommend visiting one of our showrooms if you haven’t already. Here we have chosen a few options that incorporate the peaceful nature of the Peach Fuzz through fabric patterns that have been inspired by natural elements.
 Clarissa Hulse Artists Stripe Ceiling Shade Image
Clarissa Hulse is London based textile designer with a flair for bold colour and botanical influences. This new fabric, Artists Stripe, is a fresh take on Hulse's signature ombre: the printed cotton features luminous bands of colour that bleed into each other, giving a watercolour effect and a warm, handmade feel. The colours blend together, reminiscent of a dusky pink sunset.  
Julia Clare Product Line Up
1.  Julia Clare Peacock Feather Linen, 2. Julia Clare Ancient Tracery 2 Linen, 3. Julia Clare Seashells Wallpaper Lined Shade
Julia Clare is a Scottish artist and passionate designer. She runs a successful artistic interior design business which offers bespoke wallpaper and textile design. Each collection is derived from her interpretations of both natural and architectural motifs and textures, from the celestial and botanical to the geological and archaeological. They create positive moods and atmospheres, feelings of calm, and a meaningful connection with the spaces we occupy. Our Rocke Bespoke studio has used several of her fabrics and wallpapers to create truly unique lampshades inspired by nature.
 Little Greene Paint & Wallpaper Colour Swatches 
As a Little Greene stockist, we are excited to see their brand new collection, National Trust Wallpapers IV featuring eight historic wallpaper designs that have been adapted and recoloured across 42 colourways for use within the modern home. Each design has been created for original patterns found at several of the National Trust’s historic houses, with the addition of one design that has been recoloured and revived from the Little Greene archive. This versatile and eclectic collection comprises an array of exotic birds, stylised florals and scrolling trails alongside ditsy print florals and large-scale tropical murals, all featuring a range of colours that mix beautifully with many Peach Fuzz tones.
We can’t wait to see how Pantone’s Color of the Year is used throughout interior design trends to come in the year ahead and are looking forward to supporting those trends with our interior design and lighting advice. Pop into one of our showrooms today with your ideas and let us bring elements of those warm fuzzy feelings to your home.

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